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Stepping Stones 
Resources, LLC

"One Step to Self Sufficiency."


Mission Statement:  Stepping Stones Resources, L.L.C., independent of any political party or religious group, is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Newark, New Jersey. Stepping Stones Resources, LLC collaborates with and supports both public and private entities, the general public, regardless of gender and age, and other stakeholders through consulting, education/training and advocacy services.   We aim to educate the public, including policymakers and businesses, about ways to improve, not only our planet, by protecting our natural resources and rights, but also our community through education and advocacy.  


Vision Statement: Stepping Stones Resources, L.L.C. is committed to promote action and inspire consciousness about the social, health, economic and environmental issues that affect local and global communities. 

sow seeds of empowerment by investing in



Stepping Stones Resources will help assist those who are in need of improving their environment.  We not only help individuals, but organizations, both private and public, businesses and other entities increase their understanding of various social, cultural and environmental issues that are affecting them.



your greatest Self through advocacy and collaboration.


Stepping Stones Resources will provide you with support, through workshops, presentations, partnerships, as you explore and expand your talents and skills.  We collaborate with various community stakeholders, educational institutions, businesses, private and public organizations to reach our goals.  


We will also work with those who may want to volunteer their talents or looking to improve their personal development by partnering them with organizations, vocational or non-vocational, in need of volunteers.  Many nonprofits and other organizations depend greatly on volunteers.  By volunteering you can have a greater impact on your community, make new friends, expand your network, transform your own life and those of others, in addition to many more benefits that will enrich yourself and your community. 



       Discover your own path


stop talking


Stepping Stones Resources will help assist you in developing your knowledge of topics that are of concern to you and the broader community.


We advocate for various social and environmental concerns such as clean water, green energy and jobs, climate change, non-gmo foods, etc. to empower people to produce creative solutions to the damaging decisions that are endangering our planet. 



Contact us:  We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you to generate transformative change and creative solutions.    

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