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SSConsulting Group, LLC 

"We make things happen."

SSR Consulting Group, LLC is a consulting business, focusing on Business and Strategy Analysis, for small and micro-businesses. We identify challenges and provide services to business, nonprofit and for profit, organizations, and individuals, to address and efficiently help resolve a range of challenges to help your business thrive.
Our services include direct consulting, coaching and advice to help develop, and improve your skills and knowledge. ​We can:
  • Facilitate you in moving your business or organization forward by providing technical assistance
  • Facilitate you in meeting your organization or business goals
  • Write Grants and/or Proposals 
  • Provide Grant and/or Proposal Editing
  • Write Business Plans
  • Draft Letters of Understanding/Agreement 
  • Help you improve productivity
  • Offer solutions based on your needs and capacity
  • Deliver positive outcomes
  • Translate documents-Spanish, Haitian Kreyol, French
 We are committed
 to positive
 economic and social  impact.
Contact us:
Wynnie-Fred Victor Hinds
Strategy Analyst
P.O. Box 4073
Newark, NJ 07112

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and assist you in accomplishing your objectives.

We help build success.

We deliver verifiable results. We are passionate about providing excellent strategy and service tailored to our clients' needs and goals. 


  • We help you fulfill your business or organization's purpose

  • We help you assess and define your needs

  • We help facilitate solutions

  • We help you identify and remove inefficiencies, while transforming your business or organization

  • We help you reach your goals






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We find the right solutions,              tailored to           

your business or organization.


YOUR business.



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