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The Daniels Kids Wow Audience at the Irvington Public Library!!!

The Daniels Kids (TDK) had a successful reading at the Irvington Public Library on Monday, May 22, 2017. A young member of the audience inquired “are they the authors?”, as TDK entered the room for their reading. TDK are Isaiah (11 years old), Roman (8 years old) and Indigo (7 years old) Daniels. The audience members then turned and looked at each other with gaping mouths and giggles, delighted by the sight of these blossoming authors. TDK read several passages from their book Dolphins Don’t Fit in a Fish Bowl to the now captive audience.

The young authors later fielded questions and comments from the audience. The Director of the Children's Department commented on Indigo’s “natural storytelling ability” and how “professional” they all were. The audience received some business advice from the Daniels’ father Jamie on the value of entrepreneurship and being flexible. Isaiah also gave advice on how hard it was to write a book. He commented that it took them four years to finish this book. He advised them to be “prepared to work and devote time to it because it’s not an easy process.” Roman and Indigo gave us a glimpse into the process and their other interests. They also mentioned they are almost finished working on their second book. Based on the audience’s reaction and comments, we’ve no doubt it will be a hot seller.

TDK will have their next reading on Saturday, May 27 at the Newark Public Library.

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