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USA Today article on Newark Activists voicing their concerns against a proposed PVSC gas power plant

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

'"A gas-fired power backup power plant is proposed for a sewage treatment facility in an already-polluted minority community. And a solar farm has opened atop a closed landfill that is dedicating more than half its electricity to low and moderate-income residents.

Residents and environmental activists from Newark urged the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission on Thursday to scrap its plan for a backup power plant that would burn natural gas in favor of one using renewable energy, or at least a hybrid, less-polluting design.

Wynnie-Fred Victor Hinds, a Newark environmental activist, said Newark has “been bombarded by pollution from people who don’t live here and frankly don’t seem to give a damn. We are sick, literally, and tired of the casual attitude and indifference from the fossil fuel industry toward our well-being. We are fighting for our survival.”'

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