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Hidden dangers in Lawns

Updated: 1 hour ago

Article on the Clean Water Action Website about the lurking pesticides in lawns:

"There is a dark side to pesticides, which is that that they have effects beyond whatever was targeted. We may not see or smell pesticides after they have dried, whether applied to our lawns, gardens, crops, or homes, but they are still there and getting into our bodies.

We can breathe them in, absorb them through our skin and eyes, and ingest them in food, water, and dust. When children and pets are walking or rolling around on the grass after a pesticide application, they are absorbing those chemicals into their bodies.

Pesticides are found in our air, water, soil, “drift” from neighboring properties, and even found in rain and fog. We track pesticides into our homes from the outside, where they linger in house dust and carpets. Scary, isn’t it?"

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