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PVSC Power Plant Plans Nixed by Gov. Murphy & Activists

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

"A controversial plan to build a new, $180 million power plant in the Ironbound section of Newark has been temporarily put on ice, advocates say." -Eric Kiefer, Patch Staff

"Local environmental groups and residents in the Ironbound have been pushing Murphy to put a halt to the proposed plant, alleging that it will add yet another source of pollution to an already overburdened neighborhood.

A PVSC spokesperson previously told Patch that the facility would be powered by "the same natural gas that people all across Newark and New Jersey in general use to heat their homes and from which they also obtain electrical power."

"The plant will use state-of-the-art emission controls with negligible impact to the community," he said. However, some residents and environmental activists allege that, as currently planned, the plant would be bad news for the people who live nearby. They repeated that call on Thursday."

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