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Wynnie-Fred Victor Hinds to Present at Watershed Institute Conference on November 4, 2020-1:00 PM

Stepping Stones Resources Executive Director, Wynnie-Fred Victor Hinds will do a Presentation, along with Elliot Ruga, NJ Highlands Coalition and Dr. Emile DeVito, New Jersey Conservation Foundation, on Sustainability in environmental management: Moving beyond climate resiliency

at the 4th Annual Watershed Institute Conference. To register click here

Sustainability in environmental management: Moving beyond climate resiliency 1:00– 2:15 PM Dr. Emile De Vito, Manager of Science and Stewardship, New Jersey Conservation Foundation Elliott Ruga, Policy Director, NJ Highlands Coalition Wynnie-Fred Victor Hinds, Executive Director, Stepping Stones Resources

Climate change is an unprecedented environmental stressor; however, our environment has been under immense pressure for generations because of agricultural practices, overabundant deer, alien species and pathogen invasions, deforestation and natural resource extraction, encroaching development, and urbanization. Climate change is revealing more clearly than ever how degraded and vulnerable some of the natural resources we depend on are and exacerbating their deterioration.

What is becoming increasingly evident is that environments need wide-ranging management strategies for the multitude of elements that make up a healthy ecosystem, if it is to be sustained. It will also be necessary to obtain far ranging, and universal commitments to restoring the vitality of our host environment and becoming a part of it, rather than its consumer. This workshop will take the example of the Passaic River Watershed, from its headwaters down to the Newark Bay, and assess the environmental conditions from an ecological, policy, and environmental justice perspective, exploring how enduring restoration of this environment could be achieved and what the future of environmental stewardship might look like.

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